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Facts About Window Tinting Film

Frequently Asked Questions

- Why do Commercial customers have window film installed on their buildings?

Lower heating and cooling operating costs
Lower utility demand costs
Improved tenant comfort
Improved aesthetics, uniform appearance
Improved safety and security
Extended A/C equipment life
Valued alternative to adding more A/C equipment

-What is the warranty that Sunblockers offer?
We offer a 10 year manufacture warranty as well as a lifetime workmanship warranty

Does Sunblockers Residential and commercial window film offer vehicle tinting.
-No we specialize in residential and commercial tint but our sister company
Tricked Out Car & Truck Sales llc does.
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How long does it take for the window film to dry?
- We will recommend a 30 day cure time. In some case it could take 45-60 days to fully cure. During the curing process you may see some small bubbles or even a hazy look. The bubbles and the haze will dissipate when the film is fully cured.

How do i clean my windows after the film is applied?

- We recommend you use a non ammonia based cleaning spray. Most cleaning solutions will say "Tint Safe" if there is no ammonia in the solution.



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Billy Jenkins
July 27

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